Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

Hello girls,
Today I am going to introduce you all to one of the emerging brands in cosmetic production, OLIVIA COSMETICS. I had recently come across this brand and thought to try their Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls). So today I will be reviewing the Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls).Read further to know more about my views on this product.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

About the brand:
Olivia Cosmetics started its operations in the year 1978.Delivering quality products backed by extensive research and domain expertise, was the philosophy that spurred the growth of the company and started its foray into other product categories. They have a variety of products like Bleach, Hair Removers,Gold Facial Kit, Make up/Cosmetics,Shampoo, Conditioner,Facial massage creams,Apricot Walnut scrub, Honey Almond Moisturiser, Aloe vera cleansing milk and many more.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

The Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls)  facial kit comes in a cardboard box, within which there are two units of the product. Each unit contains 25 gms of the product(5*5 gms). There are five sachets inside each unit, which you can easily tear and use the product. Further, the packaging is travel friendly. All the necessary information is printed on the back of the product.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

Price: 230 INR for 25*2 units
Availability: You can get it at www.oliviacosmetics.net or at www.amazon.in
Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

The products it contains are:

OLIVIA PEARL CLEANSER: This specialized gel contains pure pearl bhasma and vitamin B3 which are effective for skin whitening. It makes your skin fresh and clear by reviving its healthy tone and texture.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

OLIVIA PEARL FACE SCRUB: This scrub has very tiny particles  which helps to remove the unwanted dead skin cells and blackheads from the surface of the skin.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

OLIVIA PEARL MASSAGE CREAM: Enriched with pure pearl bhasma, Vitamin B3 and vitamin B5, it help in restoring moisture, keeping your skin hydrated. Vitamin E helps in skin conditioning.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

OLIVIA PEARL FACE PACK: This face mask containing pearl bhasma and vitamin B3 helps in moisturising and effectively tightening of the skin.

OLIVIA PEARL WHITENING SERUM: This contains saffron extract, pearl bhasma, vitamin B3 and vitamin B5, which leaves your skin with a radiant glow.

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

  • Packaging is travel friendly
  • Product is quite affordable.
  • One can effectively follow the steps and do facial at one's home.
  • Works well on all types of skin.
  • Can be used more than once.
  • can't find any.

My Experience with the product:

I really don't get enough time to visit a beauty salon many a time. So the best way according to me is to do facial at home.When I received my kit, I got a free gift (Oxy Pearl Bleach). However, in the very beginning I was a bit confused about how to use the kit. But all thanks to OLIVIA COSMETICS for mentioning the directions for using the individual steps. I started with the cleanser and was over satisfied as it removed all the dirt and made my skin look fresh, Then came the scrub which contained very tiny granules. It worked effectively on my skin.The pearl massage cream penetrated deeply into my skin to give a smooth, nourished and revitalized look. The face pack tightened my facial pores and imparted a more even-looking brighter skin tone. And finally the serum made my skin look fairer  and luminous A more than worthy facial kit at such an affordable price had made my day. 

Some useful tips:

  • Avoid contact with eyes and eyelids
  • For external use only
  • keep away from children
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Suitable for all skin types.

FINAL VERDICT: Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) is an effective facial kit which not only saves your time but also saves your money. Who spends thousands of bucks and valuable time to sit for hours in the beauty salons to just get one facial done? Let me know what do you think about my views on this product.

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  1. this actually gives instant skin whitening.

  2. Wow, it sounds so damn good! I really need to stock some of these facial kits for instant glow and skin pampering :D Wonderful review <3

  3. Sounds like a promising product! Nice review ;)

  4. This is so affordable for a facial kit. Also with the results it gives, I think this is a must try product.

  5. I'm also using their Diamond facial kit and very much satisfied with the result. Nice write up.

  6. This sounds really interesting. I actually like this type of one-time-use-only facial packs :)

  7. long back I've used oxy bleach products. Good to see that they made quite a change in their packaging.
    However I can never remember to use a sunscreen regularly so I had to stop using bleach. Otherwise it was burning my skin way too much than regular when in the sun!

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