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Sugar Cosmetics Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette 01 Vogue Review and Swatches.

Hello everyone,
I am back and this time super excited to share the review of the newly launched Sugar Cosmetics Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette 01 Vogue. So, few days back Sugar Cosmetics had launched 2 eye shadow palettes(a day version named 01 Vogue and a night version named 02 Firework) and 18 quads, which includes same shades from the above two palettes but in different combinations. And I have picked the day time palette in 01 Vogue. Hope you enjoy the review and the photos. Let me know your favourite shades in the comment below.

I was drooling over this palette ever since it was launched. The palette contains 10 colours. It is a  neutral toned palette comprising mostly neutral shades. There are 5 matte colours and 5 shimmer colours.The matte ones have powdery texture and the shimmer have slightly cream based formula.

Price of the Sugar Cosmetics Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette 01 Vogue: 1599/-
Available in India? Yes
Where to Buy:HERE

Packaging: The Sugar Cosmetics Blend The Ru…

||Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner Review|| ||Affordable Gel Eyeliner Available in India||

Hi Munchkins,

How are you all doing? I have been hunting for a good as well as an affordable gel liner from a long time. Recently I came across one of them named Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner. I have already used liquid liners and sketch pen eyeliners but then it was time for a gel based liner. So finally I ordered one for myself. As soon as I received the product, I could not hold on myself from trying it. So,today I will share my review on this Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner.

Packaging: The Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner comes in a cardboard box. Inside the cardboard box, you get two mini glass pots(3 gm each) containing two variants(Black and Brown) of gel liner. You also get two mini brushes one angular(helps to draw a winged liner) and the other one is of tomb shaped (to draw a normal liner). Further the packaging is travel friendly.

Product Description: Powerful waterproof, anti-sweat and anti-oil formulations, the effect is lasting.The  product has a Soft texture a…

Nyle Naturals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Review

Hi Lovelies,
 How are you all doing? Enjoying the weather these days? I am doing fine. Today I will be reviewing the Nyle Naturals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Dandruff is the shedding of the dead skin cells from our scalp. As skin cells die, a minimum amount of flakiness is expected but majority of us experience a large amount of flaking, which therefore causes itching of the scalp. Dandruff sometimes is the very cause of various skin diseases.

About the brand: Nyle Naturals from the home of Cavinkare has been known for its nature-based solutions to hair care.Their shampoo range now comes in six new variants to cater to every need of the modern, gorgeous, successful woman. Enriched with a unique Nutrition-Boost Complex, Nyle Shampoos give you lustrous, beautiful hair with every wash. Hair fall or daily damage is no longer a challenge! Hair that particularly suffers from dryness can be made soft and lustrous. Long hair or short, you can now get silky, clean, shiny hair with natural bounce or t…

Spinz Escape Eau De Parfum Review

Hey pretties, hope you all are doing well.According to me one of the basic necessities during summer is a good fragrance to keep body odour away. Currently I am obsessed with the Spinz Escape Eau De Parfum. And today I will share my thoughts about this perfume. To know more, keep on reading.

About Spinz Escape Eau De Parfum:

This perfume transports you to the Mediterranean,the centre of all that's exotic in the world. Its spicy,lush freshness captivates everyone near you,compelling them to linger. It keeps them mesmerised by teasing the senses with a hint of citrus,and delicate aromatic notes. Escape is hard to escape.And there is an added benefit- deodorant action to keep body odour away!

Spinz Escape Eau De Parfum comes in a foil coloured card box pack with all the necessary information printed over it. The perfume is bottled in a greenish glass bottle with fade-stain style.The cap is a transparent one(which I like the most).

300INR for 50 ml.

you can get…

Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls) Review

Hello girls,
Today I am going to introduce you all to one of the emerging brands in cosmetic production, OLIVIA COSMETICS. I had recently come across this brand and thought to try their Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls). So today I will be reviewing the Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls).Read further to know more about my views on this product.

About the brand:
Olivia Cosmetics started its operations in the year 1978.Delivering quality products backed by extensive research and domain expertise, was the philosophy that spurred the growth of the company and started its foray into other product categories. They have a variety of products like Bleach, Hair Removers,Gold Facial Kit, Make up/Cosmetics,Shampoo, Conditioner,Facial massage creams,Apricot Walnut scrub, Honey Almond Moisturiser, Aloe vera cleansing milk and many more.

The Olivia Skin Whitening Facial Kit(with Pearls)  facial kit comes in a cardboard box, within which there are two units of the product. …

Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation(Shade D1) Review & Swatch

Hi beautifuls,

Today I will be talking about one of the cheapest SPF foundations available in the Indian market, the Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation. Gone are the days when girls and women used foundation only during occasions. Time is evolving and so are we. Applying a sunscreen and then applying a foundation over it makes our skin a bit heavy. So the idea of using an SPF Foundation goes well.

ABOUT THE BRAND:All Barva Products are Manufactured by SPRIVIL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. & Marketed by YOUTHOPIA. Happy Plant is Manufactured by Nature care Fertilizer and Marketed by YOUTHOPIA.
Youthopia :Aim to give all organic products under one roof.

Sprivil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Our Mission
Our mission is to develop and deliver the finest quality products using the best of the ingredients that nature has to offer. We believe in the goodness of all things natural. The qualities of self-healing and protection are inherent in the organic earth. It seems but natural to allow these to constitute a ma…


Hi angels,

What's up these days? Recently I came across a website named which is a healthcare store for skin,hair and nutrition. You can choose products from a variety of brands.They have Herbal care, Ayurvedic care and Organic care products.They also have health and wellness devices like wheel chair, walkers, walking sticks and much more.So, this makes your job very easy.


Conceptualized in the Winters of 2012, Incepted during the Spring and Launched in the Summer of 2013, ClickOnCare was brought up by the Malik's Clan. Akshat Malik, spearheading the Group, started with Generic Lifestyle Products eventually moving up its Niche into Cosmeceuticals, Dermacare & Nutrition Products. Today, with Hunderd's of Sellers and 16k Products, ClickOnCare has a 93% Customer Satisfaction Rate clubbed with 95% On Time Delivery Number.With our Moto of PRODVICE - Product with Service, ClickOnCare shall continue to Strive for best of Customer Experiences…

||Plum Natur Studio all-day-wear Kohl kajal review, swatches, EOTD||

Hello angels,

Hope you all are enjoying the spring season. Today I will be talking about a Kohl kajal which is not only smudge proof all day but also vegan friendly(not tested on animals). Being an ardent animal lover, I prefer this kajal the most.

I purchased this kajal recently from on one of my friends recommendation. As I have oily eye lids, I keep experimenting with different Kohl's resulting to nothing more than disappointment. But the Plum kajal has worked great. On the very first use, I was utterly surprised with the result.

Price:INR 425 for 1.2 gm
Availability: you can get it Here
Ingredients:Rice bran wax, Natural vitamin E, Hydrogenated castor oil.
Shelf Life: 2 and a half years from the date of manufacture

About Plum Natur Studio All-Day-Wear Kohl kajal:

Welcome to Natur Studio. Where it’s all about the glam, minus the harm. Get the look of a gel liner in a simple pencil format. Easy to use, studio finish & filled with goodness.
1. Soft, creamy, gel-based single-…