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||Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner Review|| ||Affordable Gel Eyeliner Available in India||

Hi Munchkins,

How are you all doing? I have been hunting for a good as well as an affordable gel liner from a long time. Recently I came across one of them named Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner. I have already used liquid liners and sketch pen eyeliners but then it was time for a gel based liner. So finally I ordered one for myself. As soon as I received the product, I could not hold on myself from trying it. So,today I will share my review on this Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner.

Packaging: The Music Flower Long wear Gel Eyeliner comes in a cardboard box. Inside the cardboard box, you get two mini glass pots(3 gm each) containing two variants(Black and Brown) of gel liner. You also get two mini brushes one angular(helps to draw a winged liner) and the other one is of tomb shaped (to draw a normal liner). Further the packaging is travel friendly.

Product Description: Powerful waterproof, anti-sweat and anti-oil formulations, the effect is lasting.The  product has a Soft texture a…