Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation(Shade D1) Review & Swatch

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Today I will be talking about one of the cheapest SPF foundations available in the Indian market, the Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation. Gone are the days when girls and women used foundation only during occasions. Time is evolving and so are we. Applying a sunscreen and then applying a foundation over it makes our skin a bit heavy. So the idea of using an SPF Foundation goes well.

 Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation

ABOUT THE BRAND:All Barva Products are Manufactured by SPRIVIL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. & Marketed by YOUTHOPIA. Happy Plant is Manufactured by Nature care Fertilizer and Marketed by YOUTHOPIA.
Youthopia :Aim to give all organic products under one roof.

Sprivil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Our Mission
Our mission is to develop and deliver the finest quality products using the best of the ingredients that nature has to offer. We believe in the goodness of all things natural. The qualities of self-healing and protection are inherent in the organic earth. It seems but natural to allow these to constitute a major portion of our ingredients that are harnessed to develop our products.
Our Practices
Our practices are to follow the highest quality standards in all our processes. Regular monitoring of the manufacturing facilities, quality testing of the ingredients that go into the products and rigorous post-production QA have assured that only the best of the fruits of our labor reach our customers.
Our Philosophy 
Our philosophy is to humbly accept the fact that nature is a far greater phenomenon than humanity can ever equal. We have allowed all our products to be influenced by ingredients found in natural form. The ingredients are extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically. We use no synthetic preservatives, preservatives, petroleum & artificial fragrances and dyes. As an inadequate token of gratitude for the immense gifts that nature has bestowed on us, we pledge to do our bit in making sure that we do not support any procedure that may harm our planet.
Our Brand
Barva When age old wisdom, conscious eco-friendly practices and modern sophistication come together to form a unique combination, the world of Young is born. Barva a place where everybody is young, a place where age does not matter, a place where we can all experience the gifts of nature , a place where youth is everlasting…

They make use of the best quality raw materials such as Natural Oil Cakes of different types, Minerals, Natural Organic Material, etc. to produce the best Agricultural Products. In addition, they have their own Testing Laboratory, equipped with the latest equipment/instruments, for testing the raw material components and the finished goods, resulting in standardizing the final products. The laboratory has been approved by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Maharashtra. In addition, they ensure timely delivery of these Agricultural Products. Further, the unwavering attitude, they have toward quality can be defined by the battery of Certifications such as Ecocert, USDA, NPOP and EU, we have.

Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation(Shade D1) Review & Swatch


  • This foundation blends very easily into your skin. A water resistant, oil-free formula with clarified butter provides medium coverage.
  • Main ingredients are Organic clarified butter (Cow ghee) & Kokum butter (Garcinia indica) which rejuvenate your skin as pure mineral colours blend with your skin for a lustrous luminous complexion to provide you that flawless look. The goodness of ghee & kokum will protect your skin from environmental factors. The natural mineral colours will brighten your skin for fresh look throughout the day.
  • Comes in two shades(D1 and L1).
  • This is a cake foundation.It tends to dry quickly and provide a matt finish to the face. It can be used as a substitute of concealers as they effectively cover the skin flaws and blemishes.
Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation(Shade D1) 

PRICE: 230 INR for 9 gms
SHELF LIFE: 23 months from the date of manufacture.

Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation(Shade D1) Review

PACKAGING: This foundation comes in a black plastic tub with all the necessary information printed over it. This is a cake foundation and thus available in  solid form.

INGREDIENTS: Caprylic capric triglyceride, clarified butter(cow ghee), Bees wax, Magnesium Stearate, Mica, Vitamin-e acetate, Garcinia indica(Kokum butter), Fragrance.

Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation(Shade D1) Review & Swatch

SHADE/TEXTURE: Shade D1 suits my skin well because it is for people with medium to wheatish skin tone. Cake foundations are usually suitable for oily skin tones. But as I have dry skin, it leaves my skin appear dry and blotchy. A little amount is enough to cover the whole face and neck. It provides medium coverage and works best as a concealer for my skin. As I have a number of blemishes on my face, it effectively covers them up. The staying power is around 5 to 6 hours. It also has a water resistant formula. The best part about it is that it has an SPF of about 30 which is too good. I apply this foundation by mixing it with my moisturiser to get the perfect shade. I do not need to apply any sort of sunscreen before applying this foundation. So this is a must for my every day make up look.

Barva Skin Therapie SPF Foundation(Shade D1) Review & Swatch

  • Product is quite affordable.
  • Contains SPF 30 which makes it more than enough useful.
  • Texture of this foundation is quite light so that it does not feel cakey on your skin.
  • It is easily blendable.
  • Can be used as a concealer.
  • Has a rosy aroma which makes it more attractive.

  • Product is not available everywhere.
  • Not suitable for all skin types.

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    1. This product sounds interesting ..need to check it out sometime ..nice review

      1. Thank you dear. And yes, do check it out.

    2. looks like good product...

    3. A foundation with ghee and kokum butter sounds interesting. Also it has SPF of 30 which is good...

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    4. I have a fixation for shots that are shot in out and out natural environs. The one in the beginning, for instance was soothing. Continue with the same please for future posts :)

    5. I have barely used cake foundations but this product looks interesting. Must give it a try after I am done with my present one.

    6. Interesting! I've never tried foundations in a tub. Would like to try it sometime.

    7. I haven't heard of this brand but the product seems quite interesting☺ nice review ❤

    8. Interesting product. Never heard about this brand, will like to give it a try.

    9. Seems like very interesting... Never tried this brand and tub packaging foundations ... Would love to give this a try...

    10. I like the creamy consistency of it. Never heard about the brand though until now!

    11. Great!!! I really loved the fact that it can be used as a primer ! Well written post hun!

    12. Sad that it leaves the skin dry. But good to know that it can be used the other way round!

    13. I am regular user it's really nice


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